How long do things remain on the page?

How long things remain on the page isn’t as important as the fact that they’ll eventually disappear. Don’t let concerns about timing distract you from the broader purpose of this space.

But when can I expect my post to stop appearing?

After some time has passed. The exact amount of time isn’t relevant. Just let your thoughts go, and embrace the uncertainty of the timing.

I think you underestimate how important it is that I learn how this works.

You’re focusing on the least significant detail of this experience.

But I have to know. Please! Just tell me.

Okay, fine, but you’re not going to like the answer.

Try me.

The timing changes, just as everything does in life.

You’re right. That was a terrible answer.

The problem isn’t with the answer itself, but with your pursuit of it.

I think I’m done asking questions now.

Why not read or share some thoughts, then?